3rd European Modelling Workshop
(Catania, Italy, 17-19 February 2004)

Assessing the transport of pesticides to ground- and surface waters using standard and higher-tier experimental and modelling approaches

Workshop organisers: Sabine Beulke (Cranfield Centre for EcoChemistry, UK), Jos Boesten (Alterra Green World Research, The Netherlands) and Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)

Local host: Università Cattolicà del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza, Italy) and DACPA Sezione di Scienze Agrochimiche (Catania, Italy)


Balancing research interests and regulatory requirements [353 KB], by Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)

FOCUS work group on degradation kinetics. 1. Overview, general data issues and parent kinetics [255 KB], by Sabine Beulke (Cranfield Centre for EcoChemistry, UK)

FOCUS work group on degradation kinetics. 2. Special consideration for metabolites in soil [239 KB], by Claude Beigel (BASF, USA)

Water-sediment studies for step 3 FOCUS surface water: guidance of FOCUS degradation kinetics [962 KB], by Paulien Adriaanse (Alterra Green World Research, The Netherlands)

Deriving higher tier sorption and degradation parameters from laboratory and outdoor studies [398 KB], by Bernhard Jene (BASF, Germany)

Parameterisation of leaching models based on lysimeter and field-scale studies [5.9 MB], by Jan Vanderborght (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany)

The PEGASE European project [1.7 MB], by Christophe Mouvet (BRGM, France)

FOCUS work group on groundwater scenarios [31 KB] and The Dutch decision tree for pesticide leaching [929 KB], by Jos Boesten (Alterra Green World Research, The Netherlands)

Spatially Distributed Modelling: A Major Step Forward in Higher Tier Leaching Studies [3.1 MB], by Aaldrik Tiktak (RIVM, The Netherlands)

Combination of PELMO with GIS as a strategy for higher tier assessment [2.0 MB], by Michael Klein (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany)

From lower to higher tiers in the assessment of leaching to GW: a case study [539 KB], by Igor Dubus (BRGM, France)

Scenario definition for modelling pesticide fate in higher tier approaches [20.4 MB], by Marco Trevisan (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)

A new, scale-dependent model for pesticide concentrations in surface waters [1.2 MB], by David Gustafson (Monsanto, US)

A new model to predict concentrations of pesticides in ditches and streams [625 KB], by Fabrice Renaud (Cranfield Centre for EcoChemistry, UK)

MACRO-based risk assessment of drainage input of pesticides into surface waters - a model screening for Germany [1.6 MB], by Martin Bach (University of Giessen, Germany)

Landscape exposure assessment of insecticides in a citrus cropped area in Catania [4.1 MB], by Laura Padovani (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)

Change in pesticide losses in drainflow with increasing time from application – experimental results and modelling [4.9 MB], by Ian Hardy (Battelle, UK)

Relevance of the Brimstone field trial to the FOCUS D2 surface water scenario [597 KB], by Paul Sweeney (Syngenta, UK)

Proposed modifications to the FOCUS stream scenario [599 KB], by Mark Russell (DuPontCrop Protection, USA)

Italian experience with the interpretation of FOCUS surface water scenarios from a regulatory point of view [2.5 MB], by Giovanna Azimonti (International Centre for Pesticides and Health Risk Prevention, Italy)

Evaluating higher tier modelling submissions provided by notifiers to PSD [101 KB], by James Hingston (PSD, UK)

Workshop resolutions

Resolutions of the 3rd European Modelling Workshop [36 KB]

Pictures of the workshop

Many thanks to Neil Mackay, Ian Hardy and Aaldrik Tiktak for providing the photos below.

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