7th European Modelling Workshop
(Vienna, Austria, 21-23 October 2014)

Workshop organisers: Sabine Beulke (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK), Jos Boesten (Alterra, The Netherlands) and Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)

Local organisers: Christoph Unger & Michael Stemmer (Ages, Austria)


Exposure assessment for pesticide inputs into surface waters via surface runoff, erosion and drainage in Germany (GERDA) by Martin Bach (University of Giessen, Germany)

Long-term surface water simulations with GERDA-STEPS by Michael Klein (FraunhoferInstitut, Germany)

Impact of step 4 scenario assumptions and VFSMOD parameterisation on the effectiveness of vegetative filter strips in reducing PEC in surface water by Stefan Reichenberger (Footways, France)

Development of surface water scenarios in Norway by Roger Holten (Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Norway)

Application of PEARL to the FOCUS Surface Water drainage scenarios by Erik van den Berg (Alterra, Netherlands)

Recent amendments to the regulatory modelling framework - Are we just playing with numbers? by Tim Jarvis (Exponent, UK)

MACRO-based decision-support tools for local- and regional-scale exposure assessments in Sweden by Nick Jarvis (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)

Field degradation and aged sorption for groundwater assessments by Wendy van Beinum (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK)

Approaches to Kinetics & Impact on Modelling compared with Monitoring by Sue Hayes (Syngenta, UK)

Link between monitoring and modelling - Dealing with groundwater monitoring in the GW tiered risk assessment by Arnaud Boivin (ANSES, France)

Monitoring as the highest tier in PPP leaching assessment? View of the EFSA working group by Ton van der Linden (RIVM, Netherlands)

Vulnerability assessment of groundwater monitoring data and context setting for EU-wide, zonal and national registration by Ben Miles (BASF SE, Germany)

Multi-dimensional exposure modelling in soil for inhomogeneous water flow and pesticide application by Klaus Hammel (Bayer CropScience AG, Germany)

Interpretation of groundwater concentration measurements using flow and transport models by Jan Vanderborght (ForschungszentrumJülich, Germany)

Identification of Very Shallow Groundwater Regions in the EU to Support Monitoring by Tim Negley (ARCADIS, USA)

Implications of dataset selection on groundwater modelling scenarios at the European scale by Gerco Hoogeweg (Waterborne Environmental, USA)

Modelling in Support of Large-Scale Monitoring Programs in the EU by Paul Sweeney (Syngenta, UK)

EFSA Scientific Opinion on Good Modelling Practice for mechanistic effect models for risk assessment of plant protection products by Aaldrik Tiktak (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands)

Proposal for Inclusion of Measured Canopy Processes in Soil Risk Assessment by Paul Sweeney (Syngenta, UK)

PERSAM - A software tool for calculating PECs in soil by Ingeborg Joris (VITO, Belgium)

EFSA Guidance Document on PECs in soil by Chris Lythgo (EFSA, Italy)

Stakeholder comments on EFSA draft GD on PECsoil – Regulators by Wolfram Koenig (UBA, Germany)

Stakeholder comments on EFSA draft GD on PECsoil - Consultancies and Academia by Sabine Beulke (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK)

Stakeholder comments on EFSA draft GD on PECsoil – Industry by Bernd Gottesbueren (BASF SE, Germany)

On-going activities on the development of scientific opinions and guidance documents related to environmental fate of PPPs by Mark Egsmose (EFSA, Italy)

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