Proceedings of a workshop on inverse modelling
(FZJ, Juelich, Germany, 9-10 May 2000)

Workshop organisers: Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany), Peter Burauel (FZJ, Germany) & Harry Vereecken (FZJ, Germany)

Local host: Forschungszentrum Juelich, Juelich, Germany


Introduction to the workshop [12 KB]

Introduction and objectives for the workshop on inverse modelling [159 KB], by Bernd Gottesbueren (BASF, Germany)

Summary of the outcomes of earlier inverse modelling workshops [17 KB], by Ton van der Linden (RIVM, The Netherlands)

Investigations on inverse modelling as a tool for estimating degradation and sorption parameters for pesticides [76 KB], by Sabine Beulke (SSLRC, UK)

Estimation of the key e-fate parameters of pesticides from field and lysimeter trials by inverse modelling [145 KB], by Bernd Gottesbueren (BASF, Germany)

A briefing document on the application of inverse modelling techniques to pesticide leaching models [231 KB], by Igor Dubus (SSLRC, UK)

Characterising the vadose zone hydraulic properties by inverse modelling [263 KB], by S Lambot (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Use of different model and shell combinations for inverse modelling with the same dataset [120 KB], by Bernd Gottesbueren (BASF, Germany)

Numerical methods for parameter estimation [211 KB], by Angelika Dieses (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Estimation of the degradation parameters of metazachlor from field trials by inverse modelling [1.2 MB], by Karin Aden (BBA, Germany)

PEARL, the new Dutch consensus model [539 KB], by Aaldrick Tiktak (RIVM, The Netherlands)

Numerical accuracy of pesticide leaching calculations with PEARL [129 KB], by Jos Boesten (Alterra Green World Research, The Netherlands)

Optimal experimental design for parameter estimation in column and lysimeter experiments [116 KB], by Angelika Dieses (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Estimating solute transport properties from column experiments using inverse estimation techniques and asymptotic analysis [1.1 MB], by Harry Vereecken (FZJ, Germany)

Presentation of a dataset for a joint modelling exercise on inverse modelling [311 KB], by Bernhard Jehne (BASF, Germany)

Statement of representatives of national authorities on the current status of the use of inverse modelling in national pesticide registrations [10 KB]

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