How to join the PFMODELS discussion list?

Individuals who might have an interest in joining the PFMODELS discussion list include model users from the academic community or from the industry, model developers, consultants and regulators. A key requirement for joining the list is to have a genuine interest in pesticide fate modelling.

The PFMODELS discussion list is a "closed" list, which means that people need to register to be able to receive messages from the list or post a message to the list. This is intended to restrict inappropriate postings and to maximise opportunities for participation of list members.

To apply for registration, please send an e-mail to the list owner (pfmodels-request@jiscmail.ac.uk) asking to join the list and briefly describing your interest in the topic area.

Once you are registered, you will receive a welcome message with important information about the list. We recommend you print this welcome e-mail for reference.

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