Below are a number of useful web resources for those who are related to pesticide fate models in one way or another .

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Resources are classified into the following categories:

- Pesticide fate models
- Modelling tools
- Working groups
- Workshop reports and proceedings
- Research projects and initiatives
- Pesticide registration authorities
- Scientific journals
- Scientific societies and associations
- Education

Pesticide fate 'models'

AgriFlux (pages have been removed)
CMLS86 or CMLS94 Chemical Movement in Layered Soils (pages have been removed)
EPIC Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator
EXAMS EXposure Analysis Modeling System
FIRST Fqpa Index Reservoir Screening Tool
GENEEC GENeric Estimate Exposure Concentration
GLEAMS Groundwater Loading Effects of Agricultural Management Systems (go to the Models section)
LEACHM/LEACHP Leaching Estimation And CHemistry Model (includes LEACHP, the pesticide version of the model)
PEARL, PEARL (FOCUS GW) Pesticide Emission Assessment at Regional and Local scales
PELEP-DSS PEsticide Leaching Estimator and Predictor - Decision Support System
PELMO (FOCUS GW) PEsticide Leaching MOdel
PESTLA PESTicide Leaching and Accumulation
PESTRAS PESticide TRAnsport aSsessment
PRZM (EPA), PRZM (FOCUS GW), PRZM (FOCUS SW) Pesticide Root Zone Model
RZWQM Root Zone Water Quality Model
SCI-GROW Screening Concentration In GROund Water
SWAN and its instructions Surface Water Assessment eNabler
SWAT Soil and Water Assessment Tool
TOXSWA, TOXSWA (FOCUS SW) (first link: go to the Products section)
TOXic substances in Surface WAters
WAVE Water and Agrochemicals in the soil, crop and Vadose Environment
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Modelling tools

@Risk A MS Excel add-on for risk analysis (including Monte Carlo modelling).
Crystal Ball 2000 A MS Excel add-on for risk analysis (including Monte Carlo modelling).
Lumenaut A MS Excel add-on for risk analysis (including Monte Carlo modelling).
ModelMaker A Windows package that lets you create, manage and optimise your own models
ModelManager A Windows package dedicated to the estimation of parameters from kinetic models through their calibration against experimental data.
PEST/SENSAN A universal inverse modelling program (now freeware)
SIMLAB A tool for sensitivity and uncertainty analyses (freeware)
SURFER A contouring, gridding and surface mapping package
UCODE A universal inverse modelling program (freeware)
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Working groups

CAMASE Concerted Action for the development and testing of quantitative Methods for research and Agricultural Systems and the Environment
ECOFRAM Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods
FEMVTF FIFRA Exposure Model Validation Task Force
FOCUS Forum for the Co-ordination of Pesticide Fate Models and their Use
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Workshop reports and proceedings

EUPRA EUropean workshop on Probabilistic Risk Assessment for the environmental impacts of plant protection products
Proceedings XII Symposium Pesticide Chemistry. 4-6 June 2003. Piacenza, Italy.
Proceedings XI Symposium Pesticide Chemistry. 12-15 September 1999. Piacenza, Italy.
Proceedings Summer symposium on pesticide sciences - Villasimius, Cagliari (29 May - 3 June 2005). BEWARE: 41-MB document
Proceedings Pesticide behaviour in soils, water and air. Warwick university, 27-29 March 2006.
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Research projects and initiatives

APECOP A proposal supporting the harmonised registration of pesticides in Europe
ECOTOX-MODELS Useful personal web page on Ecotox
EUFRAM Probabilistic approaches for assessing environmental risks of pesticides
FOOTPRINT A European project aimed at developing tools for pesticide risk assessment and management
FROGS French Refinement of Groundwater scenarios
KUPA Koncept for Udpegning of Pesticidfølsomme Arealer
PEGASE Pesticides in European Groundwaters : detailed study of representative Aquifers and Simulation of possible Evolution scenarios
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Pesticide registration authorities

Australia NRA (National Registration Authority)
Canada PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency)
Denmark Danish EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
European Union Health and Consumer Protection DG
France Commission d'étude de la toxicité / SSM (Structure Scientifique Mixte)
Germany BBA (Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft)
Germany UBA (Umweltbundesamt)
Ireland PCS (Pesticide Control Service)
New Zealand ACVM (Agricultural Compounds & Veterinary Medicines )
Sweden KEMI (KEMikalieInspektionen)
The Netherlands CTB (College voor de Toelating van Bestrijdingsmiddelen)
United Kingdom PSD (Pesticides Safety Directorate)
United States US-EPA Office of Pesticide Programs
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Scientific journals which publish papers dealing with pesticide fate modelling

Agricultural Ecosystems and Environment Click here
Agronomie Click here
Biology and Fertility of Soils Click here
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Click here
Chemosphere Click here
Ecological Modelling Click here
Environmental Pollution Click here
Environmental Science and Technology Click here
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Click here
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology Click here
Journal of Environmental Quality Click here
Journal of Hydrology Click here
Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Click here
Nature Click here
Pest Management Science (formerly Pesticide Science) Click here
The Science of the Total Environment Click here
Soil and Tillage Research Click here
Soil Biology and Biochemistry Click here
Soil Science Click here
Soil Science Society of America Journal Click here
Soil Use and Management Click here
Transactions of the ASAE Click here
Vadose Zone Journal Click here
Water, Air and Soil Pollution Click here
Water Research Click here
Water Resources Research Click here
Water Science and Technology Click here
Weed Research Click here
Weed science Click here
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Scientific societies and associations

ACE European Association of Chemistry and the Environment
AFES French Soil Science Society
ASA American Society of Agronomy
BSSS British Soil Science Society
CSSA Crop Science Society of America
DBGES German Soil Science Society
EWRS European Weed Research Society
SCI Society of Chemical Industry
SETAC Society of Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry
SRA Society for Risk Analysis
SSSA Soil Science Society of America
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PDF How to anticipate the fate of pesticides from their physico-chemical properties? (from the Oregon State University)
HTML or PDF A 60-page introduction to pesticides and water quality which covers water resources, environmental fate, pesticide development, risk assessment and registration procedures (from a US perspective).
HTML Answers to 13 FAQs regarding the environmental fate of pesticides. Designed for the non-expert.
PDF A four-page fact sheet regarding the environmental fate of pesticides.
HTML A chapter of the book "Soil and water quality: an agenda for agriculture", devoted to the fate and transport of pesticides.
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