Papers published in 2001

Below is a list of papers published in 2001 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Abbaspour K.C., Kohler A., Simunek J., Fritsch M. & Schulin R. (2001). Application of a two-dimensional model to simulate flow and transport in a macroporous agricultural soil with tile drains. European Journal of Soil Science, 52:433-447.

Asare D.K., Sammis T.W., Smeal D., Zhang H. & Sitze D.O. (2001). Modeling an irrigation management strategy for minimizing the leaching of atrazine. Agricultural Water Management, 48:225-238.

Bach M., Huber A. & Frede H.G. (2001). Modeling pesticide losses from diffuse sources in Germany. Water Science and Technology, 44:189-196.

Bach M., Huber A. & Frede H.G. (2001). Input pathways and river load of pesticides in Germany - a national scale modeling assessment. Water Science and Technology, 43:261-268.

Bakhsh A. & Kanwar R.S. (2001). Simulating tillage effects on nonpoint source pollution from agricultural lands using gleams. Transactions of the ASAE, 44:891-898.

Bayless E.R. (2001). Atrazine retention and degradation in the vadose zone at a till plain site in central Indiana. Ground Water, 39:169-180.

Beulke S. & Brown C.D. (2001). Evaluation of methods to derive pesticide degradation parameters for regulatory modelling. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 33:558-564.

Beulke S., Brown C.D., Dubus I.G. & Harris G. (2001). Evaluation of uncalibrated preferential flow models against data for isoproturon movement to drains through a heavy clay soil. Pest Management Science, 57:537-547.

Beven K. (2001). Rainfall-runoff modelling: the primer. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester, UK.

Beven K. & Freer J. (2001). Equifinality, data assimilation and uncertainty estimation in mechanistic modelling of complex environmental systems using the GLUE methodology. Journal of Hydrology, 249:11-29.

Broshears R.E., Clark G.M. & Jobson H.E. (2001). Simulation of stream discharge and transport of nitrate and selected herbicides in the Mississippi River Basin. Hydrological Processes, 15:1157-1167.

Bosch D.D., Truman C.C. & Leonard R.A. (2001). Atrazine and carbofuran transport through the vadose zone in the Claiborne aquifer recharge area. Transactions of the ASAE, 43:1609-1620.

Businelli D., Tombesi E. & Trevisan M. (2001). Modelling herbicide treatment impact on groundwater quality in a central Italy area. Agronomie, 21:267-276.

Capel P.D., Larson S.J. & Winterstein T.A. (2001). The behaviour of 39 pesticides in surface waters as a function of scale. Hydrological Processes, 15:1251-1269.

Connolly R.D., Kennedy I.R., Silburn D.M., Simpson B.W. & Freebairn D.M. (2001). Simulating endosulfan transport in runoff from cotton fields in Australia with the GLEAMS model. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:702-713.

Cryer S.A., Fouch M.A., Peacock A.L. & Havens P.L. (2001). Characterizing agrochemical patterns and effective BMPs fo r surface waters using mechanistic modeling and GIS. Environmental Modelling and Assessement, 6:195-208.

Di H.J., Sparling G.P., Lee R. & Magesan G.N. (2001). The effect of mineralisation rates of atrazine in surface and subsurface soils on its groundwater contamination potential. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 39:175-183.

Diaz-Diaz R. & Loague K. (2001). Assessing the potential for pesticide leaching for the pine forest areas of Tenerife. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 20:1958-1967.

Furtaw E.J. (2001). An overview of human exposure modeling activities at the USEPA's National Exposure Research Laboratory. Toxicology and Human Health, 17:302-314.

Garrido F., Ghodrati M., Campbell C.G. & Chendorain M. (2001). Detailed characterization of solute transport in a heterogeneous field soil. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:573-583.

Gonzalez J.J., Magrans J.O., Alonso-Prados J.L. & Garcia-Baudin J.M. (2001). An analytically solved kinetic model for pesticide degradation in single compartment systems. Chemosphere, 44:765-770.

Gorneau W.S., Franti T.G., Benham B.L. & Comfort S.D. (2001). Reducing long-term atrazine runoff from South Central Nebraska. Transactions of the ASAE, 44:45-52.

Haith D.A. (2001). TurfPQ, a pesticide runoff model for turf. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:1033-1039.

Harner T., Bidleman T.F., Jantunen L.M.M. & Mackay D. (2001). Soil-air exchange model of persistent pesticides in the United States cotton belt. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 20:1612-1621.

Hendley P., Holmes C., Kay S., Maund S.J., Travis K.Z. & Zhang M.H. (2001). Probabilistic risk assessment of cotton pyrethroids: III. A spatial analysis of the Mississippi, USA, cotton landscape. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 20:669-678.

Homes M.J., Frankenberger J.R. & Engel B.A. (2001). Susceptibility of Indiana watersheds to herbicide contamination. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 37:987-1000.

Hooper R.P., Aulenbach B.T. & Kelly V.J. (2001). The National Stream Quality Accounting Network: a flux-based approach to monitoring the water quality of large rivers. Hydrological Processes, 15:1089-1106.

Hyer K.E., Hornberger G.M. & Herman J.S. (2001). Processes controlling the episodic steamwater transport of atrazine and other agrichemicals in an agricultural watershed. Journal of Hydrology, 254:47-66.

Inao K., Ishii Y., Kobara Y. & Kitamura Y. (2001). Prediction of pesticide behavior in paddy field by water balance on the water management using pesticide paddy field model (PADDY). Journal of Pesticide Science, 26:229-235.

Johnson C.A., Schaap M.G. & Abbaspour K.C. (2001). Model comparison of flow through a municipal solid waste incinerator ash landfill. Journal of Hydrology, 243:55-72.

Jonsson C.M., Paraiba L.C., Mendoza M.T., Sabater C. & Carrasco J.M. (2001). Bioconcentration of the insecticide pyridaphention by the green algae Chlorella saccharophila. Chemosphere, 43:321-325.

Kamra S.K., Lennartz B., Van Genuchten M.T. & Widmoser P. (2001). Evaluating non-equilibrium solute transport in small soil columns. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 48:189-212.

Karpouzas D.G., Walker A., Drennan D.S.H. & Froud-Williams R.J. (2001). The effect of initial concentration of carbofuran on the development and stability of its enhanced biodegradation in top-soil and sub-soil. Pest Management Science, 57:72-81.

King K.W. & Balogh J.C. (2001). Water quality impacts associated with converting farmland and forests to turfgrass. Transactions of the ASAE, 44:569-576.

Koziol A.S. & Pudykiewicz J.A. (2001). Global-scale environmental transport of persistent organic pollutants. Chemosphere, 45:1181-1200.

Larson S.J. & Gilliom R.J. (2001). Regression models for estimating herbicide concentrations in US streams from watershed characteristics. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 37:1349-1367.

Lecomte V., Barriuso E., Bresson L.M., Koch C. & Le Bissonnais Y. (2001). Soil surface structure effect on isoproturon and diflufenican loss in runoff. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:2113-2119.

Louchart X., Voltz M., Andrieux P. & Moussa R. (2001). Herbicides runoff at field and watershed scales in a Mediterranean vineyard area. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:982-991.

Ma L., Ahuja L.R., Ascough J.C., Shaffer M.J., Rojas K.W., Malone R.W. & Cameira M.R. (2001). Integrating system modeling with field research in agriculture: Applications of the root zone water quality model (RZWQM). Advances in Agronomy, 71: 233-292.

Malone R.W., Shipitalo M.J., Ma L., Ahuja L.R. & Rojas K.W. (2001). Macropore component assessment of the root zone water quality model (RZWQM) using no-till soil blocks. Transactions of the ASAE, 44:843-852.

Maund S.J., Travis K.Z., Hendley P., Giddings J.M. & Solomon K.R. (2001). Probabilistic risk assessment of cotton pyrethroids: V. Combining landscape-level exposures and ecotoxicological effects data to characterize risks. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 20:687-692.

Mills M.S., Hill I.R., Newcombe A.C., Simmons N.D., Vaughan P.C. & Verity A.A. (2001). Quantification of acetochlor degradation in the unsaturated zone using two novel in situ field techniques: comparisons with laboratory-generated data and implications for groundwater risk assessments. Pest Management Science, 57:351-359.

Oliveira R.S., Koskinen W.C. & Ferreira F.A. (2001). Sorption and leaching potential of herbicides on Brazilian soils. Weed Research, 41:97-110.

Pang L.P. & Close M.E. (2001). A field tracer study of attenuation of atrazine, hexazinone and procymidone in a pumice sand aquifer. Pest Management Science, 57:1142-1150.

Raturi S., Hill R.L. & Carroll M.J. (2001). Modeling dicamba sorption and transport through zoysiagrass thatch and soil. Soil and Sediment Contamination, 10:227-247.

Raupach M.R., Briggs P.R., Ahmad N. & Edge V.E. (2001). Endosulfan transport: II. Modeling airborne dispersal and deposition by spray and vapor. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:729-740.

Rice P.J., Hapeman C.J., McConnell L.L., Sadeghi A.M., Isensee A.R., Heighton L.P., Harman-Fetcho J.A. & Wauchope R.D. (2001). Measuring and modeling the transport of pesticides and soil in runoff from fresh-market vegetable production. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 221:9-AGRO Part 1.

Roy J.W., Hall J.C., Parkin G.W., Wagner-Riddle C. & Clegg B.S. (2001). Seasonal leaching and biodegradation of dicamba in turfgrass. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:1360-1370.

Sarmah A.K., Kookana R.S. & Alston A.M. (2001). Application of VARLEACH and LEACHM models to experimental data on leaching of a non-reactive tracer and three sulfonylurea herbicides. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 39:1041-1058.

Shinde D., Savabi M.R., Nkedi-Kizza P. & Vazquez A. (2001). Modeling transport of atrazine through calcareous soils from South Florida. Transactions of the ASAE, 44:251-258.

Simunek J., Wendroth O., Wypler N., van Genuchten M.T. (2001). Non-equilibrium water flow characterized by means of upward infiltration experiments. European Journal of Soil Science, 52:13-24.

Stagnitti F., Li L., Barry A., Allinson G., Parlange J.Y., Steenhuis T. & Lakshmanan E. (2001). Modelling solute transport in structured soils: Performance evaluation of the ADR and TRM models. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 34: 433-440.

Solomon K.R., Giesy J.P., Kendall R.J., Best L.B., Coats J.R., Dixon K.R., Hooper M.J., Kenaga E.E., McMurry S.T. (2001). Chlorpyrifos: Ecotoxicological risk assessment for birds and mammals in corn agroecosystems. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 7:497-632.

Soulas G. & Lagacherie B. (2001). Modelling of microbial degradation of pesticides in soils. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 33:551-557.

Tsuzuki M. (2001). Pesticide risk assessment for ground and surface water using simulation models in EU and the United States. Journal of Pesticide Science, 26:104-112.

van Maanen J.M.S., de Vaan M.A.J., Veldstra A.W.F. & Hendrix W.P.A.M. (2001). Pesticides and nitrate in groundwater and rainwater in The Province of Limburg in the Netherlands. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 72:95-114.

van Wesenbeeck I.J., Peacock A.L. & Havens P.L. (2001). Measurement and modeling of diclosulam runoff under the influence of simulated severe rainfall. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:553-560.

Wang Q.Q. & Lemley A.T. (2001). Kinetic model and optimization of 2,4-D degradation by anodic Fenton treatment. Environmental Science and Technology, 35:4509-4514.

Watanabe H. & Grismer M.E. (2001). Diazinon transport through inter-row vegetative filter strips: micro-ecosystem modeling. Journal of Hydrology, 247:183-199.

Woods N., Craig I.P., Dorr G. & Young B. (2001). Spray drift of pesticides arising from aerial application in cotton. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30:697-701.

Worrall F. (2001). A molecular topology approach to predicting pesticide pollution of groundwater. Environmental Science and Technology, 35:2282-2287.

Worrall F., Fernandez-Perez M., Johnson A.C., Flores-Cesperedes F. & Gonzalez-Pradas E. (2001). Limitations on the role of incorporated organic matter in reducing pesticide leaching. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 49:241-262.

Yen J.H., Tsai C.C., Su C.C. & Wang Y.S. (2001). Environmental dissipation of fungicide triphenyltin acetate and its potential as a groundwater contaminant. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 49:164-170.

Zehe E., Maurer T., Ihringer J. & Plate E. (2001). Modeling water flow and mass transport in a loess catchment. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. Part B - Hydrology Oceans and Atmosphere, 26:487-507.

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