Papers published in 2002

Below is a list of papers published in 2002 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Abu-Zreig M. & Rudra R.P. (2002). Modelling of atrazine transport in the presence of surfactants. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B - Pesticides food contaminants and Agricultural Wastes, 37:15-32.

Allwine K.J., Thistle H.W., Teske M.E. & Anhold J. (2002). The agricultural dispersal-valley drift spray drift modeling system compared with pesticide drift data.Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 21:1085-1090.

Azevedo A.S., Pereira L.S. & Kanwar R.S. (2002). Assessment and simulation of atrazine in irrigated soils. Irrigation and Drainage, 51:257-264.

Balderacchi M., Alavi G., Capri E., Vicari A., Accinelli C. & Jarvis N. (2002). Losses of atrazine, metolachlor, prosulfuron and triasulfuron in subsurface drain water. II. Simulation results. Agronomie, 22:413-425.

Basagaoglu H., Ginn T.R. & McCoy B.J. (2002). Formulation of a soil-pesticide transport model based on a compartmental approach. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 56:1-24.

Bedos C., Cellier P., Calvet R., Barriuso E. & Gabrielle B. (2002). Mass transfer of pesticides into the atmosphere by volatilization from soils and plants: overview. Agronomie, 22:21-33.

Bedos C., Rousseau-Djabri M.F., Flura D., Masson S., Barriuso E. & Cellier P. (2002). Rate of pesticide volatilization from soil: an experimental approach with a wind tunnel system applied to trifluralin. Atmospheric Environment, 36:5917-5925.

Bird S.L., Perry S.G., Ray S.L. & Teske M.E. (2002). Evaluation of the AgDISP aerial spray algorithms in the AgDRIFT model. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 21: 672-681.

Brown C.D., Bellamy P.H & Dubus I.G. (2002). Prediction of pesticide concentrations found in rivers in the UK. Pest Management Science, 58:363-373.

Capri E. & Miao Z.W. (2002). Modelling pesticide fate in rice paddy. Agronomie, 22:363-371.

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Carbone J.P., Havens P.L. & Warren-Hicks W. (2002). Validation of pesticide root zone model 3.12: Employing uncertainty analysis. 1578-1590.

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Coquet Y. & Barriuso E. (2002). Spatial variability of pesticide adsorption within the topsoil of a small agricultural catchment. Agronomie, 22:389-398.

Cooter E.J., Hutzell W.T., Foreman W.T. & Majewski M.S. (2002). A regional atmospheric fate and transport model for atrazine. 2. Evaluation. Environmental Science and Technology, 36:4593-4599.

Czinkota I., Foldenyi R., Lengyel Z. & Marton A. (2002). Adsorption of propisochlor on soils and soil components equation for multi-step isotherms. Chemosphere, 48:725-731.

Dabrowski J.M., Peall S.K.C., Van Niekerk A., Reinecke A.J., Day J.A. & Schulz R. (2002). Predicting runoff-induced pesticide input in agricultural sub-catchment surface waters: linking catchment variables and contamination. Water Research, 36:4975-4984.

Dubus I.G. & Brown C.D. (2002). Sensitivity and first-step uncertainty analyses for the preferential flow model MACRO. Journal of Environmental Quality, 31:227-240.

Dubus I.G., Beulke S. & Brown C.D. (2002). Calibration of pesticide leaching models: critical review and guidance for reporting. Pest Management Science, 58:745-758.

Evans R. (2002). Rural land use in England and Wales and the delivery to the adjacent seas of nitrogen, phosphorus and atrazine. Soil Use and Management, 18:346-352.

Fujisawa T. (2002). Model of the uptake of pesticides by plant. Journal of Pesticide Science, 27:279-286.

Fujisawa T., Ichise K., Fukushima M., Katagi T. & Takimoto Y. (2002). Mathematical model of the uptake of non-ionized pesticides by edible root of root crops.Journal of Pesticide Science, 27:242-248.

Gabrielle B., Roche R., Angas P., Cantero-Martinez C., Cosentino L., Mantineo M., Langensiepen M., Henault C., Laville P., Nicoullaud B. & Gosse G. (2002). A priori parameterisation of the CERES soil-crop models and tests against several European data sets. Agronomie, 22:119-132.

Gramatica P. & Di Guardo A. (2002). Screening of pesticides for environmental partitioning tendency. Chemosphere, 47:947-956.

Haith D.A., Lee P.C., Clark J.M., Roy G.R., Imboden M.J. & Walden R.R. (2002). Modeling pesticide volatilization from turf. Journal of Environmental Quality, 31:724-729.

Hansen M. (2002). RunMACRO: a program to facilitate sensitivity analyses using the water flow and solute movement model MACRO. Pest Management Science, 58:54-56.

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Havens P.L., Carbone J.P., Warren-Hicks W. & Fouch M.A. (2002). Development of a Monte Carlo sampling shell for the pesticide root zone model and its application by the federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act environmental modeling validation task force. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 21:1566-1569.

Jones R.L. & Mangels G. (2002). Review of the validation of models used in federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act environmental exposure assessments. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, 21:1535-1544.

Jorgensen P.R., Hoffmann M., Kistrup J.P., Bryde C., Bossi R. & Villholth K.G. (2002). Preferential flow and pesticide transport in a clay-rich till: Field, laboratory, and modeling analysis. Water Resources Research, 38:art. no. 1246.

Konda L.N., Czinkota I., Fuleky G. & Morovjan G. (2002). Modeling of single-step and multistep adsorption isotherms of organic pesticides on soil. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 50:7326-7331.

Logsdon S.D. (2002). Determination of preferential flow model parameters. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 66:1095-1103.

Logsdon S.D., Keller K.E. & Moorman T.B. (2002). Measured and predicted solute leaching from multiple undisturbed soil columns. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 66:686-695.

Matsui Y., Itoshiro S., Buma M., Matsushita T., Hosogoe K., Yuasa A., Shinoda S. & Inoue T. (2002). Predicting pesticide concentrations in river water with a hydrologically calibrated basin-scale runoff model. Water Science and Technology, 45:141-148.

Moschandreas D.J. & Karuchit S. (2002). Scenario-model-parameter: a new method of cumulative risk uncertainty analysis. Environment International, 28:247-261.

Noshadi M., Amin S., Maleki N. (2002). Measuring atrazine degradation and PRZM-2 testing. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 40:643-653.

Paraiba L.C. & Spadotto C.A. (2002). Soil temperature effect in calculating attenuation and retardation factors. Chemosphere, 48:905-912.

Paraiba L.C., Garcia R.B.& Carrasco J.M. (2002). Level IV fugacity model depending on temperature by a periodic control system. Ecological Modelling, 147(3), 221-232.

Pollock D., Salama R. & Kookana R. (2002). A study of atrazine transport through a soil profile on the Gnangara Mound, Western Australia, using LEACHP and Monte Carlo techniques. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 40:455-464.

Reichenberger S., Amelung W., Laabs V., Pinto A., Totsche KU. & Zech W. (2002). Pesticide displacement along preferential flow pathways in a Brazilian Oxisol. Geoderma, 110:63-86.

Rice C.P., Nochetto C.B. & Zara P. (2002). Volatilization of trifluralin, atrazine, metolachlor, chlorpyrifos, alpha-endosulfan, and beta-endosulfan from freshly tilled soil. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 50:4009-4017.

Russell M.H. & Jones R.L. (2002). Comparison of pesticide root zone model 3.12: Leaching predictions with field data. 1552-1557.

Saiers J.E. (2002). Laboratory observations and mathematical modeling of colloid-facilitated contaminant transport in chemically heterogeneous systems. Water Resources Research, 38:1032.

Sanchez-Bayo F. (2002). An approach for ecological risk assessment of pesticides in agriculture. Journal of Pesticide Science, 27:425-428.

Sanchez-Bayo F., Baskaran S. & Kennedy I.R. (2002). Ecological relative risk (EcoRR): another approach for risk assessment of pesticides in agriculture. Agriculture Ecosystens and Environment, 91:37-57.

Sarmah A.K. & Sabadie J. (2002). Hydrolysis of sulfonylurea herbicides in soils and aqueous solutions : a review. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 50:6253-6265.

Schlosser S.A., McCray J.E., Murray K.E. & Austin B. (2002). A subregional-scale method to assess aquifer vulnerability to pesticides. Ground Water, 40:361-367.

Scholtz M.T., Voldner E., McMillan A.C. & Van Heyst B.J. (2002). A pesticide emission model (PEM) Part I: model development. Atmospheric Environment, 36:5005-5013.

Scholtz M.T., Voldner E., Van Heyst B.J., McMillan A.C. & Pattey E. (2002). A pesticide emission model (PEM) Part II: model evaluation. Atmospheric Environment, 36:5015-5024.

Selim H.M. & Zhu H. (2002). Retention and mobility of deltamethrin in soils: 2. Transport. Soil Science, 167:580-589.

Singh P. & Jones R.L. (2002). Comparison of pesticide root zone model 3.12: Runoff predictions with field data. 1545-1551.

Sohrabi T.M., Shirmohammadi A. & Montas H. (2002). Uncertainty in nonpoint source pollution models and associated risks. Environmental Forensics, 3:179-189.

Styczen M. (2002). Development of a tool for estimation of pesticide occurrence in surface water under Danish conditions. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 82:611-630.

Teske M.E., Bird S.L., Esterly D.M., Curbishley T.B., Ray S.L. & Perry S.G. (2002). AgDRIFT (R): A model for estimating near-field spray drift from aerial applications. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 21: 659-671.

Teske M.E. & Ice G.G. (2002). A one-dimensional model for Aerial spray assessment in forest streams. J FOREST, 100:40-45.

Tiktak A., de Nie D., van der Linden T. & Kruijne R. (2002). Modelling the leaching and drainage of pesticides in the Netherlands: the GeoPEARL model. Agronomie, 22:373-387.

Van den Brink P.J., Roelsma J., Van Nes E.H., Scheffer M. & Brock T.C.M. (2002). PERPEST model, a case-based reasoning approach to predict ecological risks of pesticides. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 21:2500-2506.

Verro R., Calliera M., Maffioli G., Auteri D., Sala S., Finizio A. & Vighi M. (2002). GIS-Based system for surface water risk assessment of agricultural chemicals. 1. Methodological approach. Environmental Science and Technology, 36:1532-1538.

Vischetti C., Trevisan M., Esposito A. & Scarponi L. (2002). Ability of three pesticide leaching models to simulate summer crops in a Mediterranean scenario. Agronomie, 22:351-361.

Warren-Hicks W., Carbone J.P. & Havens P.L. (2002). Using Monte Carlo techniques to judge model prediction accuracy: Validation of the pesticide root zone model 3.12. 1570-1577.

Wauchope R.D. & Russell M.H. (2002). Freundlich isotherm: Some limitations in its use for pesticide environmental fate modeling. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 224:056-AGRO Part 1.

Wauchope R.D., Estes T.L., Allen R., Baker J.L., Hornsby A.G., Jones R.L., Richards R.P. & Gustafson D.I. (2002). Predicted impact of transgenic, herbicide tolerant corn on drinking water quality in vulnerable watersheds of the mid-western USA. Pest Management Science, 58:146-160.

Wauchope R.D., Yeh S., Linders J.B.H.J., Kloskowski R., Tanaka K., Rubin B., Katayama A., Kordel W., Gerstl Z., Lane M. & Unsworth J.B. (2002). Pesticide soil sorption parameters: theory, measurement, uses, limitations and reliability. Pest Management Science, 58:419-445.

Wittich K.P. & Siebers J. (2002). Aerial short-range dispersion of volatilized pesticides from an area source. International Journal of Biometeorology, 46:126-135.

Wolt J., Singh P., Cryer S. & Lin J. (2002). Sensitivity analysis for validating expert opinion as to ideal data set criteria for transport modelling. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 1558-1565.

Yates S.R., Wang D., Papiernik S.K. & Gan J. (2002). Predicting pesticide volatilization from soils. Environmetrics, 13:569-578.

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