Papers published in 2004

Below is a list of papers published in 2004 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Bansal O.P. (2004). Kinetics of interaction of three carbamate pesticides with Indian soils: Aligarh district. Pest Management Science, 60:1149-1155.

Bennett D.H. & Furtaw E.J. (2004). Fugacity-Based Indoor Residential Pesticide Fate Model. Environmental Science & Technology, 38:2142-2152.

Beulke S., Brown C.D., Dubus I.G., Fryer C.J. & Walker A. (2004). Evaluation of probabilistic modelling approaches against data on leaching of isoproturon through undisturbed lysimeters. Ecological modelling, 179:131-144.

Boesten J.J.T.I. (2004). Influence of dispersion length on leaching calculated with PEARL, PELMO and PRZM for FOCUS groundwater scenarios. Pest Management Science, 60:971-980.

Brown C.D., Dubus I.G., Fogg P., Spirlet M. & Gustin C. (2004). Exposure to sulfosulfuron in agricultural drainage ditches: field monitoring and scenario-based modelling. Pest Management Science, 60:765-776.

Brown R.B., Carter M.H., Stephenson G.R. (2004). Buffer zone and windbreak effects on spray drift deposition in a simulated wetland. Pest Management Science, 60:1085-1090.

Chu X. & Marino M.A. (2004). Semidiscrete pesticide transport modeling and application. Journal of Hydrology, 285:19-40.

Coquet Y., Ribiere C. & Vachier P. (2004). Pesticide adsorption in the vadose zone: a case study on Eocene and Quaternary materials in Northern France. Pest Management Science, 60:992-1000.

Dubus I.G., Beulke S., Brown C.D., Gottesbüren B. & Dieses A. (2004). Inverse modelling for estimating sorption and degradation parameters for pesticides. Pest Management Science, 60:859-874.

Ertli T., Marton A. & Foldenyi R. (2004). Effect of pH and the role of organic matter in the adsorption of isoproturon on soils. Chemosphere, 57:771-779.

Guth J.A., Reischmann J.A., Allen R., Arnold D., Hassink J., Leake C.R., Skidmore M.W. & Reeves G.L. (2004). Volatilisation of crop protection chemicals from crop and soil surfaces under controlled conditions-prediction of volatile losses from physico-chemical properties. Chemosphere, 57:871-887.

Holman I.P., Dubus I.G., Hollis J.M. & Brown C.D. (2004). Using a linked soil model emulator and unsaturated zone leaching model to account for preferential flow when assessing the spatially distributed risk of pesticide leaching to groundwater in England and Wales. The Science of the Total Environment, 318:73-88.

Jackson S.H. (2004). Use of PRZM-3 to validate a laboratory to field degradation conceptual model. Pest Management Science, 60:8-16.

Leistra M., Zweers A.J., Warinton J.S., Crum S.J.H., Hand L.H., Beltman W.H.J. & Maund S.J. (2004). Fate of the insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin in ditch enclosures differing in vegetation density. Pest Management Science, 60:75-84.

Leistra M. & Wolters A. (2004). Computations on the Volatilisation of the Fungicide Fenpropimorph from Plants in a Wind Tunnel. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 157:133-148.

Louchart X., Voltz M., Coulouma G., Andrieux P. (2004). Oryzalin fate and transport in runoff water in Mediterranean vineyards. Chemosphere, 57:921-930.

Ma Q., Wauchope R.D., Rojas K.W., Ahuja L.R., Ma L. & Malone R.W. (2004). The pesticide module of the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM): testing and sensitivity analysis of selected algorithms for pesticide fate and surface runoff. Pest Management Science, 60:240-252.

Ma Q., Wauchope R.D., Ma L., Rojas K.W., Malone R.W. & Ahuja L.R. (2004). Test of the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) for predicting runoff of atrazine, alachlor and fenamiphos species from conventional-tillage corn mesoplots. Pest Management Science, 60:267-276.

Ma Q.L., Rahman A., James T.K., Holland P.T., McNaughton D.E., Rojas K.W. & Ahuja L.R. (2004). Modeling the Fate of Acetochlor and Terbuthylazine in the Field Using the Root Zone Water Quality Model. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 68:1491-1500.

Malone R.W., Ahuja L.R., Ma L., Wauchope R.D., Ma Q. & Rojas K.W. (2004). Application of the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) to pesticide fate and transport: an overview. Pest Management Science, 60:205-221.

Malone R.W., Weatherington-Rice J., Shipitalo M.J., Fausey N., Ma L., Ahuja L.R., Wauchope R.D. & Ma Q. (2004). Herbicide leaching as affected by macropore flow and within-storm rainfall intensity variation: a RZWQM simulation. Pest Management Science, 60:277-285.

Malone R.W., Ma L., Wauchope R.D., Ahuja L.R., Rojas K.W., Ma Q., Warner R. & Byers M. (2004). Modeling hydrology, metribuzin degradation and metribuzin transport in macroporous tilled and no-till silt loam soil using RZWQM. Pest Management Science, 60:256-266.

Miao Z., Vicari A., Capri E., Ventura F., Padovani L. & Trevisan M. (2004). Modeling the effects of tillage management practices on herbicide runoff in Northern Italy. Journal of Environmental Quality, 33:1720-1732.

Miao Z., Trevisan M., Capri E., Padovani L. & Del Re A.A.M. (2004). Uncertainty assessment of the model RICEWQ in Northern Italy. Journal of Environmental Quality, 33:2217-2228.

Müller K., Smith R.E., James T.K., Holland P.T. & Rahman A. (2004). Prediction of field atrazine persistance in an allophanic soil with Opus2. Pest Management Science, 60:447-458.

Padovani L., Capri E. & Trevisan M. (2004). A calculation procedure to assess potential environmental risk of pesticides at the farm level. Ecological Indicator, 4:111-123.

Padovani L., Capri E. & Trevisan M. (2004). Landscape-Level approach to assess aquatic exposure via spray drift for pesticides: A case study in a Mediterranean area. Environmental Science & Technology, 38:3239–3246.

Palma G., Sanchez A., Olave Y., Encina F., Palma R. & Barra R. (2004). Pesticide levels in surface waters in an agricultural–forestry basin in Southern Chile. Chemosphere, 57:763-770.

Pei Z., Yitong L., Baofeng L. & Gan J.J. (2004). Dynamics of fipronil residue in vegetable-field ecosystem. Chemosphere, 57:1691-1696.

Sanchez M.E., Estrada I.B., Martinez O., Martin-Villacorta J., Aller A. & Moran A. (2004). Influence of the application of sewage sludge on the degradation of pesticides in the soil. Chemosphere, 57:673-679.

Sarmah A.K., Mueller K. & Ahmad R. (2004). Fate and behaviour of pesticides in the agroecosystem : a review with a New Zealand perspective. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 42:125-154.

Skovdal Christiansen J., Thorsen M., Clausen T., Hansen S. & Christian Refsgaard J. (2004). Modelling of macropore flow and transport processes at catchment scale. Journal of Hydrology, 299:136-158.

Tiktak A., de Nie D.S., Pineros Garcet J.D., Jones A. & Vanclooster M. (2004). Assessment of the pesticide leaching risk at the Pan-European level. The EuroPEARL approach. Journal of Hydrology, 289:222-238.

Weaver M.A., Zablotowicz R.M. & Locke M.A. (2004). Laboratory assessment of atrazine and fluometuron degradation in soils from a constructed wetland. Chemosphere, 57:853-862.

Wauchope RD, Rojas KW, Ahuja LR, Ma Q, Malone RW & Ma L. (2004). Documenting the pesticide processes module of the ARS RZWQM agroecosystem model. Pest Management Science, 60:222-239.

Wolters A, Leistra M, Linnemann V, Klein M, Schaeffer A & Vereecken H. (2004). Pesticide Volatilization from Plants: Improvement of the PEC Model PELMO Based on a Boundary-Layer Concept. Environmental Science & Technology, 38:2885-2893.

Wolters A., Klein M & Vereecken H. (2004). An improved description of pesticide volatilization: refinement of the Pesticide Leaching Model (PELMO). Journal of Environmental Quality, 33:1629-1637.

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