Papers published in 2005

Below is a list of papers published in 2005 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Bach M., Röpke B. & Frede H.G. (2005). Pesticides in rivers – Assessment of source apportionment in the context of WFD. EWA online 02/2005:1-14, http://www.ewaonline.de/journal/2005_02.pdf

Beulke S., van Beinum W., Brown C.D., Mitchell M. & Walker A. (2005). Evaluation of simplifying assumptions on pesticide degradation in soil. Journal of Environmental Quality, 34:1933-1943.

Charnay M.P., Tuis S., Coquet Y. & Barriuso E. (2005). Spatial variability in 14C-herbicide degradation in surface and subsurface soils. Pest Management Science, 61:845-855.

Coquet Y., Hadjar D., Gilliot J.M., Charnay M.P., Moeys J., Dufour A. & Beaudoin N. (2005). Biases in the spatial estimation of pesticide loss to groundwater. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 25:465-472.

Esposito A., Vischetti C., Errera G., Trevisan M., Scarponi L., Herbst M., Ciocanaru M. & Vereecken H. (2005). A spatialising tool to simulate pesticide fate in unsaturated zone on a catchment scale. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 25:279-283.

Ferrari F., Karpouzas D.G., Trevisan M. & Capri E. (2005). Measuring and predicting environmental concentrations of pesticides in air after application to paddy water systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 39:2968-2975.

Ferrari F., Klein M., Capri E. & Trevisan M. (2005). Prediction of pesticide volatilization with PELMO 3.31. Chemosphere, 60:705-713.

Fragoulis G., Trevisan M., Puglisi E. & Capri E. (2005) A model assessing bioavailability of persistent organic pollutants in soil. In: Nützmann G., Viotti P, Aagaard, P. (eds.) Reactive transport in soil and groundwater: processes and models. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 39-50.

Holvoet K., van Griensven A., Seuntjens P. & Vanrolleghem P.A. (2005). Sensitivity analysis for hydrology and pesticide supply towards the river in SWAT. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 30:518-526.

Jackson S.H., Hendley P., Russell M., Poletika N. & Jones R. (2005). Comparison of Regulatory Method Estimated Drinking Water Exposure Concentrations with Monitoring Results from Surface Drinking Water Supplies. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53:8840-8847.

Jantunen A.P.K., Trevisan M. & Capri E. (2005). Computer models for characterizing the fate of chemicals in soil: Pesticide leaching models and their practical applications. In Soil-Water-Solute Process Characterization: An Integrated Approach (Javier Alvarez-Benedi, Rafael Munoz-Carpena editors), CRC Press, ISBN: 1-56670-657-2, pp 715-756.

Larsbo M., Roulier S., Stenemo F., Kasteel R. & Jarvis N.J. (2005). An improved dual-permeability model of water flow and solute transport in the vadose zone. Vadose Zone Journal, 4:398-406.

Larsbo M. & Jarvis N.J. (2005). Simulating solute transport in a structured field soil: uncertainty in parameter identification and predictions. Journal of Environmental Quality, 34:621-634.

Lindahl A., Kreuger J., Stenström J., Gärdenäs A., Alavi G., Roulier S. & Jarvis N.J. (2005). Stochastic modelling of diffuse pesticide losses from a small agricultural catchment. Journal of Environmental Quality, 34:1174-1185.

Louchart X., Voltz M. & Lennartz B. (2005). Sorption behaviour of diuron under Mediterranean climate. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 25:301-307.

Pot V., Šimunek J., Benoit P., Coquet Y., Yra A. & Martinez-Cordon M.J. (2005). Impact on rainfall intensity on the transport of two herbicides in undisturbed grassed filter strip soil cores. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 81:63-88.

Prueger J. H., Gish T.J., McConnell L.L., McKee L.G, , Hatfield J.L. & Kustas W.P. (2005). Solar Radiation, Relative Humidity, and Soil Water Effects on Metolachlor Volatilization. Environmental Science and Technology, 39(14):5219-5226.

Ramanarayanan T.S., Narasimhan B. & Srinivasan R. (2005) Characterization of fate and transport of isoxaflutole, a soil-applied corn herbicide, in surface water using a watershed model. J. Agric. Food Chem., 53:8848-8858.

Scorza Júnior R.P. & Boesten J.J.T.I. (2005). Simulation of pesticide leaching in a cracking clay soil with the PEARL model. Pest Management Science, 61:432-448.

Stenemo F., Jørgensen P. & Jarvis N.J. (2005). Linking a one-dimensional pesticide fate model to a three-dimensional groundwater model to simulate pollution risks of shallow and deep groundwater underlying fractured till. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 79:89-106.

Strömqvist J. & Jarvis N.J. (2005). Sorption, degradation and leaching of the fungicide Iprodione in a golf green under Scandinavian conditions: measurements, modelling and risk assessment. Pest Management Science, 61:1168-1178.

Tiktak A., van der Linden A.M.A. & Uffink G. (2005). Pesticide Transport in the Groundwater at the National Scale: Coupling an Unsaturated Zone Model with a Groundwater Flow Model. In: N.R. Thomson (ed). Bringing groundwater quality research to the watershed scale. IAHS Publ. 297, 2005, 441-448.

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