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The list below is a compilation of readings that have been recommended by members of the PFMODELS discussion list (presented in alphabetical order). Their contribution to this list is gratefully acknowledged. You may submit your own list of readings by going here.

Submitted by Nick Jarvis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
Book Richter O., Diekkrüger & Nörtersheuser P. (1996). Environmental fate modelling of pesticides: from the laboratory to the field scale. VCH, Weinheim, Germany. ISBN: 3527300643, 281pp.

Submitted by Martin Larsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
Scientific paper Hillel D. (1987). On the tortuous path of research. Soil Science, 143:304-305.
Scientific paper Janzen H.H. (1996). Is the scientific paper obsolete? Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 76:447-451.

Submitted by Stefan Reichenberger, University of Giessen (Germany)
Scientific paper Refsgaard J.C. and Henriksen H.J. (2004). Modelling guidelines: terminology and guiding principles. Advances in Water Resources, 27:71-82.
Scientific paper Šimunek J., Jarvis N.J., van Genuchten M.Th. & Gärdenäs A. (2003). Review and comparison of models for describing non-equilibrium and preferential flow and transport in the vadose zone. Journal of Hydrology, 272:14-35.
Scientific paper Dubus I.G., Beulke S. & Brown C.D. (2002). Calibration of pesticide leaching models: critical review and guidance for reporting. Pest Management Science, 58:745-758.
Scientific paper Altfelder S., Streck T. & Richter J. (2000). Nonsingular sorption of organic compounds in soil: the role of slow kinetics. Journal of Environmental Quality, 29:917-925.
Stefan's comments: a major portion of cryptic adsorption/desorption hysteresis can be explained by kinetic sorption. Several hysteretic adsorption/desorption isotherms, from the authors' own and literature data sets, obtained with different experimental designs and different compounds, could be successfully fitted with a simple two-stage model.
Scientific paper Nortcott G.L. & Jones K.C. (2000). Spiking hydrophobic organic compounds into soil and sediment: a review and critique of adopted procedures. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 19:2418-2430.
Stefan's comment: you thought you could always trust data from laboratory studies because there are not many sources of error? Take a look at what can all be done wrong (and often is done wrong).

Submitted by Don Wauchope, USDA-ARS (USA)
Scientific paper Bowman R.S. & Rice R.C. (1986). Transport of conservative tracers in the field under intermittent flood irrigation. Water Resources Research, 22:1531-1536.
Scientific paper Braun H.E. & Frank R. (1982). Organochlorine and organophosphorus insecticides: their use in eleven agricultural watersheds and their loss to stream water in southern ontario, Canada. The Science of the Total Environment, 15:169-172.
Scientific paper Chapman R.A. (1992). Limitations to modeling pesticide disappearance. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, 22:655-676.
Scientific paper Farmer W.J., Igue L., Spencer W.F. & Martin J.P. (1972). Volatility of organochlorine insecticides from soil: I. Effect of concentration, temperature, air flow rate and vapor pressure. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings, 36:443-446.
Scientific paper Gustafson D.I. (1989). Groundwater ubiquity score: a simple method for assessing pesticide leachability. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 8:339-357.
Scientific paper Hill B.D. & Schaalje G.B. (1985). A two-compartment model for the dissipation of deltamethrin on soil. Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry, 33:1001-1009.
Scientific paper Laflen J.M., Baker J.L., Hartwig R.O., Buchele W.F. & Johnson H.P. (1978). Soil and water loss from conservation tillage systems. Transactions of the ASAE, 21:881-885.
Scientific paper LaFleur K.S. (1979). Sorption of pesticides by model soils and agronomic soils: rates and equilibria. Soil Science, 127:94-101.
Scientific paper Lavy T.L., Mattice J.D., Massey J.H., Skulman B.W. & Senseman S.A. (1996). Long-term in situ leaching and degradation of six herbicides aged in subsoils. Journal of Environmental Quality, 25:1268-1279.
Scientific paper Leonard R.A., Langdale G.W., Fleming W.G. (1979). Herbicide losses from upland Piedmont watersheds - data and implications for modeling pesticide transport. Journal of Environmental Quality, 8:223-229.
Scientific paper Richards R.P. & Baker D.B. (1993). Pesticide concentration patterns in agricultural drainage networks in the Lake Erie Basin. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, 12:13-26.
Scientific paper Sharpley A.N. (1985). Depth of surface soil-runoff interaction as affected by rainfall soil slope and management. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 49:1010-1015.
Scientific paper Willis G.H. & McDowell L.L. (1987). Pesticide persistence on foliage. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 100:23-73.
Report Knisel W.G. (Ed.) (1980). CREAMS: a field scale model for Chemicals, Runoff and Erosion from Agricultural Management Systems. USDA-SEA, Conservation Research Report No. 26, 643pp.
Book chapter Hamaker J.W. & J.M. Thompson. (1972). Adsorption. Chapter 2. In: Goring C.A.I. & Hamaker J.W. (Eds.), Organic Chemicals in the soil environment. Marcel Dekker Inc., New York. pp 49-144.
Book chapter Laskowski D.A., Goring C.A.I., McCall P.J. & Swann R.L. (1982). Terrestrial environment. In: Conway R.A. (Ed.), Environmental Risk Analysis for Chemicals. Environmental Engineering Series, Van Nostrand Rheinhold Co., New York, USA. pp. 198-240.
Book Cheng H.H. (Ed.) (1990). Pesticides in the soil environment: processes, impacts and modeling. Soil Science Society of America Book series No. 2. WSSA, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. ISBN: 089118791X.
Book DeCoursey D.G. (Ed.) (1990). Proceedings of the international symposium on water quality modeling of agricultural non-point sources, in 2 volumes. USDA-Agricultural Research Service publication ARS-81. 875 pp.
Book Goring C.A.I. & Hamaker J.W. (Eds.) (1972). Organic Chemicals in the soil environment, in 2 volumes. Marcel Dekker Inc., New York. 950pp.
Book Heatwole C. (Ed.). (1995). Water Quality Modeling. Proceedings Symposium ASAE, April 2-5, Orlando, Florida, USA. ASAE Publication 5-95, St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. 539 pp.
Book McWhorter C.G. & Gebhardt M.R. (1987). Methods of applying herbicides. Weed Science Society of America Monograph No. 4, WSSA, Campaign, Ilinois, USA. 358pp.

Submitted by Igor Dubus, BRGM (France)
Scientific paper Oreskes N., Shrader-Frechette K. & Belitz K. (1994). Verification, validation and confirmation of numerical models in the earth sciences. Science, 263:641-646.
Igor's comments: a key philosophical contribution to the concept of model "validation".
Scientific paper Kirchner J.W., Hooper R.P., Kendall C., Neal C. & Leavesley G. (1996). Testing and validating environmental models. The Science of the Total Environment, 183:33-47.
Igor's comments: the authors demonstrate the limitations of typical "validation" exercises and call for tests that "invalid" models are unlikely to pass, arguing that current testing procedures are not strict enough to convince rational skeptics that a model is "valid". (The justification for the use of quotation marks in the present comments can be found in the Oreskes et al. paper)
Book chapter Jarvis N.J., Bergström L.F. & Brown C.D. (1995). Pesticide leaching models and their use for management purposes. In: Environmental Behaviour of agrochemicals (Progress in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology, volume 9), Roberts T.R. & Kearney P.C. (Eds), John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK. ISBN: 0471953016, pp.185-220.
Igor's comments: although not up-to-date, this is a useful introduction to pesticide fate modelling for anyone starting in the field.

Submitted by Anonymous
Book Mackay D. (1991). Multimedia Environmental Models: The Fugacity Approach, Lewis Publishers, Ann Arbor.

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