Research groups

This section contains a listing of the research groups that are actively undertaking research into the modelling of pesticide fate in the environment. The information presented includes a brief description of research activities and contact details.

CEMAGREF, Equipe Pollutions Diffuses
Address Equipe Pollutions Diffuses
UR Qualité des Eaux et Préventions des Pollutions
3 Bis, Quai Chauveau
69336 Lyon Cedex 09
Web site http://www.lyon.cemagref.fr/qe/poldif.htm
Contact person Dr Véronique Gouy
Tel: +33 4 72208794
Fax: +33 4 78477875
E-mail: veronique.gouy@cemagref.fr
Other PFmodellers Dr Nadia Carluer (nadia.carluer@cemagref.fr)
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling The general aim is to provide tools for the diagnosis of surface water non point pollution by pesticide and suggest management options to reduce pesticide runoff on impacted resources, at the catchment scale. This implies to test and use existing models, as GLEAMS at the field scale or TOXSWA for the dissipation of pesticides in ditches (in collaboration with Alterra, Wageningen, NL and CEH Wallingford, UK), … etc, and to develop new tools when necessary, as local models to simulate pesticides dissipation in vegetated strip or hydrological catchment scale models to represent the different pathways of water in a basin, which seems a necessary step to evaluate pesticide associated residence time and mitigation potentialities.
Consultancy services to the industry No

Cranfield Centre for EcoChemistry
Address Cranfield Centre for EcoChemistry
Cranfield University
Bedfordshire MK45 4DT
United Kingdom
Web site http://www.cranfield.ac.uk/ecochemistry/
Contact person Dr Colin Brown
Tel: +44 1525 863249
Fax: +44 1525 863533
E-mail: c.brown@cranfield.ac.uk
Other PFmodellers Dr Sabine Beulke (s.beulke@cranfield.ac.uk)
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling Use of a wide range of pesticide fate models for over 10 years. Current emphasis on the refinement of risk assessment methods (landscape-level assessments in particular). Particular expertise in the simulation of preferential flow and parameterisation of MACRO. Involved in cooperative research projects and the generation of field leaching, drainage and lysimeter datasets for modelling purposes. See web site for more details and list of projects / publications.
Consultancy services to the industry Yes

DHI Water & Environment
Address DHI Water & Environment
Agern Alle 5
2970 Hørsholm (Hoersholm)
Web site http://www.dhi.dk
Contact person Dr Merete Styczen
Tel: +45 45 16 92 00
Fax: + 45 45 16 92 92
E-mail: mes@dhi.dk
Other PFmodellers Dorte Rasmussen
Robert Poulsen
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling From 1998-2003: Development of the PestSurf model and Danish surface water scenarios for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, based on the MIKE SHE and MIKE 11-models. PestSurf is a catchment model including drift, dry deposition, unsaturated zone-processes, and a 3-D saturated zone. Recently 56-PestSurf simulations were compared to 42 FOCUS Surface Water scenarios. Ongoing research is concerned with improving the description of colloid-facilitated transport in PestSurf. A project concerning the dynamics at the end of the macropores (connected to drains, cracks or unconnected) is being initiated.
Consultancy services to the industry Yes

INRA - LISAH, Laboratoire d'étude des Interactions Sol, Agrosystèmes, Hydrosystèmes
Address INRA
UMR LISAH, bat 24
2 place Viala
34060 MONTPELLIER Cedex 1
Web site http://sol.ensam.inra.fr/lisah/
Contact person Dr Xavier Louchart
Tel: +33 4 99612379
Fax: +33 4 67632614
E-mail: xavier.louchart@ensam.inra.fr
Other PFmodellers Dr Marc Voltz (Head of LISAH; E-mail: marc.voltz@ensam.inra.fr)
Dr Roger Moussa (in charge of MHYDAS; E-mail: roger.moussa@ensam.inra.fr)
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling Development and application of pesticide transport models in surface waters from field scale to catchment scale in agriculral context, with particular emphasis on the influence of agricultural practices and anthropogenic activities on water bodies contamination. Particularly: i) basic research on the fate and transport of pesticides (dissipation, sorption, runoff, infiltration) under natural and highly variable conditions at the local scale (field, ditch), ii) risk assessment of contamination of surface and ground waters by pesticides at small and regional catchment scales, and iii) development of a spatial distributed and physically based numerical model for water flow and mass transport (MHYDAS).
Consultancy services to the industry No

SLU, Department of Soil Sciences, Environmental Physics
Address Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Soil Sciences
Box 7014
750 07 Uppsala
Web site http://www.mv.slu.se/bgf/default.htm
Contact person Nick Jarvis
Tel: +46 18 672465
Fax: +46 18 672795
E-mail: nicholas.jarvis@mv.slu.se
Other PFmodellers Fredrik Stenemo
Mats Larsbo
Stephanie Roulier
Ghasem Alavi
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling Development and application of solute transport models in the unsaturated zone, with particular emphasis on pesticide fate. Developer and manager of the widely used macropore flow model MACRO. Our work covers i) fundamental research on transport processes in soils, especially preferential flow, and ii) development of user-friendly pesticide exposure assessment tools for public authorities at national and international levels.
Consultancy services to the industry Yes

The PEARL team
Address RIVM
PO Box 1
3720 BA Bilthoven
The Netherlands
Web site http://www.pearl.alterra.nl
Contact person Aaldrik Tiktak
Tel: +31 30 2743343
Fax: +31 30 2744419
E-mail: a.tiktak@rivm.nl
Other PFmodellers Ton van der Linden (RIVM)
Jos Boesten (Alterra)
Minze Leistra (Alterra)
Roel Kruijne (Alterra)
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling We created and maintain the PEARL, GeoPEARL and EuroPEARL models. These models are used in pesticide registration at both the European (FOCUS) and national (Netherlands) level.
Consultancy services to the industry Yes

USDA-ARS Southeast Watershed Research Lab
Address 2316 Rainwater Rd.
PO Box 946
Tifton, GA 31794
Web site http://sacs.cpes.peachnet.edu/sewrl/
Contact person Don Wauchope
Tel: +1 229-386-3892
Fax: +1 229-386-7215
E-mail: don@tifton.usda.gov
Other PFmodellers Richard Lowrance (REMM model)
Research activities in pesticide fate modelling Basic research on pesticide fate and behavior from point to basin scale. Involved with GLEAMS, RZWQM, REMM and PRZM modeling. Relating laboratory tests to field predictions, basic soil processes, runoff physical and numerical simulation.
Consultancy services to the industry No

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