Papers published in 2000

Below is a list of papers published in 2000 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Abbaspour K., Kasteel R. & Schulin R. (2000). Inverse parameter estimation in a layered unsaturated field soil. Soil Science, 165:109-123.

Aden K. & Diekkruger B. (2000). Modeling pesticide dynamics of four different sites using the model system SIMULAT. Agricultural Water Management, 44:337-355.

Armbrust K.L. (2000). Pesticide hydroxyl radical rate constants: Measurements and estimates of their importance in aquatic environments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 19:2175-2190.

Armstrong A., Aden K., Amraoui N., Diekkrueger B., Jarvis N., Mouvet C., Nicholls P. & Wittwer C. (2000). Comparison of the performance of pesticide-leaching models on a cracking clay soil: results using the Brimstone Farm dataset. Agricultural Water Management, 44:85-104.

Aylmore L.A.G. & Di H.J. (2000). Predicting the probabilities of groundwater contamination by pesticides under variable recharge. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 38:591-602.

Azevedo A.S., Kanwar R.S. & Pereira L.S. (2000). Atrazine transport in irrigated heavy- and coarse-textured soils, part II: Simulations with the root zone water quality model. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, 76:341-354.

Besien T.J., Williams R.J. & Johnson A.C. (2000). The transport and behaviour of isoproturon in unsaturated chalk cores. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 43:91-110.

Beulke S., Dubus I.G., Brown C.D. & Gottesbüren B. (2000). Simulation of pesticide persistence in the field on the basis of laboratory data – a review. Journal of Environmental Quality, 29:1371-1379.

Boesten J.J.T.I. (2000). From laboratory to field: uses and limitations of pesticide behaviour models for the soil/plant system. Weed Research, 40:123-138.

Boesten J.J.T.I. (2000). Modeller subjectivity in estimating pesticide parameters for leaching models using the same laboratory dataset. Agricultural Water Management, 44:389-409.

Boesten J.J.T.I. & Gottesburen B. (2000). Testing PESTLA using two modellers for bentazone and ethoprophos in a sandy soil. Agricultural Water Management, 44:283-305.

Brown C.D., Hollis J.M., Bettinson R.J. & Walker A. (2000). Leaching of pesticides and a bromide tracer through lysimeters from five contrasting soils. Pest Management Science, 56:83-93.

Butters G.L., Benjamin J.G., Ahuja L.R. & Ruan H. (2000). Bromide and atrazine leaching in furrow- and sprinkler-irrigated corn. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 64:1723-1732.

Campbell K.R., Bartell S.M. & Shaw J.L. (2000). Characterizing aquatic ecological risks from pesticides using a diquat dibromide case study. II. Approaches using quotients and distributions. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 19:760-774.

Chu X.F., Basagaoglu H., Marino M.A. & Volker R.E. (2000). Aldicarb transport in subsurface environment: Comparison of models. Journal of Environmental Engineering-ASCE, 126:121-129.

Durborow T.E., Barnes N.L., Cohen S.Z., Horst G.L. & Smith A.E. (2000). Calibration and validation of runoff and leaching models for turf pesticides, and comparison with monitoring results. ACS Symposium Series, 743:195-227.

Dust M., Baran N., Errera G., Hutson J.L., Mouvet C., Schafer H., Vereecken H. & Walker A. (2000). Simulation of water and solute transport in field soils with the LEACHP model. Agricultural Water Management, 44:225-245.

Fernandez-Perez M., Gonzalez-Pradas E., Villafranca-Sanchez M. & Flores-Cespedes F. (2000). Mobility of isoproturon from an alginate-bentonite controlled release formulation in layered soil. Chemosphere, 41:1495-1501.

Francaviglia R., Capri E., Klein M., Hosang J., Aden K., Trevisan M. & Errera G. (2000). Comparing and evaluating pesticide leaching models: results for the Tor Mancina dataset (Italy). Agricultural Water Management, 44:135-151.

Gottesbüren B., Aden K., Bärlund I., Brown C., Dust M., Görlitz G., Jarvis N., Rekolainen S. & Schäfer H. (2000). Comparison of pesticide leaching models: results using the Weiherbach dataset. Agricultural Water Management, 44:153-181.

Guo L., Jury W.A., Wagenet R.J. & Flury M. (2000). Dependence of pesticide degradation on sorption: nonequilibrium model and application to soil reactors. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 43:45-62.

Hantush M.M., Marino M.A. & Islam M.R. (2000). Models for leaching of pesticides in soils and groundwater. Journal of Hydrology, 227:66-83.

Jarvis N.J., Brown C.D. & Granitza E. (2000). Sources of error in model predictions of pesticide leaching: a case study using the MACRO model. Agricultural Water Management, 44:247-262.

Klein M., Hosang J., Schäfer H., Erzgräber B. & Resseler H. (2000). Comparing and evaluating pesticide leaching models – Results of simulations with PELMO. Agricultural Water Management, 44:263-281.

Koelmans A.A., Hubert E., Koopman H.W., Portielje R. & Crum S.J.H. (2000). Modeling the vertical distribution of carbendazim in sediments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 19:793-800.

Larsson M.H. & Jarvis N.J. (2000). Quantifying interactions between compound properties and macropore flow effects on pesticide leaching. Pest Management Science, 56:133-141.

Loll P. & Moldrup P. (2000). Stochastic analyses of field-scale pesticide leaching risk as influenced by spatial variability in physical and biochemical parameters. Water Resources Research, 36:959-970.

Ma L., Ascough J.C., Ahuja L.R., Shaffer M.J., Hanson J.D. & Rojas K.W. (2000). Root Zone Water Quality Model sensitivity analysis using Monte Carlo simulation. Transactions of the ASAE, 43:883-895.

Ma Q.L., Holland P.T., James T.K., McNaughton D.E. & Rahman A. (2000). Persistence and leaching of the herbicides acetochlor and terbuthylazine in an allophanic soil: comparisons of field results with PRZM-3 predictions. Pest Management Science, 56:159-167.

Ma Q.L., Hook J.E., Wauchope R.D., Dowler C.C., Johnson A.W., Davis J.G., Gascho G.J., Truman C.C., Sumner H.R. & Chandler L.D. (2000). GLEAMS, Opus, PRZM2 beta, and PRZM3 simulations compared with measured atrazine runoff. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 64:2070-2079.

Macur R.E., Gaber H.M., Wraith J.M. & Inskeep W.P. (2000). Predicting solute transport using mapping-unit data: Model simulations versus observed data at four field sites. Journal of Environmental Quality, 29:1939-1946.

Malone R.W., Shipitalo M.J., Douglass L.W., Owens L.B., Nelsen T.C., Warner R.C. & Byers M.E. (2000). Assessing herbicide movement using soil samples versus percolate samples. Transactions of the ASAE, 43:343-348.

Matthews A.M., Portwood A.M., Armstrong A.C., Leeds-Harrison P.B., Harris G.L., Catt J.A. & Addiscott T.M. (2000). CRACK-NP, development of a model for predicting pollutant transport in cracking clay soils. Soil Use and Management, 16:279-284.

Mulla D.J., Gowda P., Koskinen W.C., Khakural B.R., Robert P.C. (2000). Modeling the effect of precision agriculture on pesticide losses to surface waters. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 220: 146-AGRO Part 1.

Pang L.P., Close M.E., Watt J.P.C. & Vincent K.W. (2000). Simulation of picloram, atrazine, and simazine leaching through two New Zealand soils and into groundwater using HYDRUS-2D. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 44:19-46.

Panshin S.Y., Carter D.S. & Bayless E.R. (2000). Analysis of atrazine and four degradation products in the pore water of the vadose zone, central Indiana. Environmental Science and Technology, 34:2131-2137.

Reichman R., Wallach R. & Mahrer Y. (2000). A combined soil atmosphere model for evaluating the fate of surface-applied pesticides. 1. Model development and verification. Environmental Science and Technology, 34:1313-1320.

Reichman R., Mahrer Y. & Wallach R. (2000). A combined soil-atmosphere model for evaluating the fate of surface-applied pesticides. 2. The effect of varying environmental conditions. Environmental Science and Technology, 34:1321-1330.

Rekolainen S., Gouy V., Francaviglia R., Eklo O.M. & Barlund I. (2000). Simulation of soil water, bromide and pesticide behaviour in soil with the GLEAMS model. Agricultural Water Management, 44:201-224.

Ritter A.M., Shaw J.L., Williams W.M. & Travis K.Z. (2000). Characterizing aquatic ecological risks from pesticides using a diquat dibromide case study. I. Probabilistic exposure estimates. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 19:749-759.

Tiktak A. (2000). Application of pesticide leaching models to the Vredepeel dataset. II. Pesticide fate. Agricultural Water Management, 44:119-134.

Trevisan M., Errera G., Vischetti C. & Walker A. (2000). Modelling pesticide leaching in a sandy soil with the VARLEACH model. Agricultural Water Management, 44:357-369.

Trevisan M., Errera G., Goerlitz G., Remy B. & Sweeney P. (2000). Modelling ethoprophos and bentazone fate in a sandy humic soil with primary pesticide fate model PRZM-2. Agricultural Water Management, 44:317-335.

Vanclooster M. & Boesten J.J.T.I. (2000). Application of pesticide simulation models to the Vredepeel dataset. I. Water, solute and heat transport. Agricultural Water Management, 44:105-117.

Vanclooster M., Boesten J.J.T.I., Trevisan M., Brown C.D., Capri E., Eklo O.M., Gottesbüren B., Gouy V. & van der Linden A.M.A. (2000). A European test of pesticide leaching models: methodology and major recommendations. Agricultural Water Management, 44:1-19.

Vanclooster M., Ducheyne S., Dust M. & Vereecken H. (2000). Evaluation of pesticide dynamics of the WAVE model. Agricultural Water Management, 44:371-388.

Villholth K.G., Jarvis N.J., Jacobsen O.H. & De Jonge H. (2000). Field investigations and modeling of particle-facilitated pesticide transport in macroporous soil. Journal of Environmental Quality, 29:1298-1309.

Vischetti C., Marucchini C., Esposito A. & Zadra C. (2000). Pesticides in drinking water: Analysis of a lake scenario with a mathematical model. Italian Journal of Food Science, 12:207-217.

Walker S.E., Mitchell J.K., Hirschi M.C. & Johnsen K.E. (2000). Sensitivity analysis of the root zone water quality model. Transactions of the ASAE, 43: 841-846.

Watanabe H. & Takagi K. (2000). A simulation model for predicting pesticide concentrations in paddy water and surface soil. I. Model development. Environmental Technology, 21:1379-1391.

Watanabe H. & Takagi K. (2000). A simulation model for predicting pesticide concentrations in paddy water and surface soil. II. Model validation and application. Environmental Technology, 21:1393-1404.

Zhang R.D., Krzyszowska-Waitkus A.J., Vance G.F. & Qi J.G. Pesticide transport in field soils. Advances in Environmental Research, 4:59-68.

Zobrist J., Muller S.R., Ammann A., Bucheli T.D., Mottier V., Ochs M., Schoenenberger R., Eugster J. & Boller M. (2000). Quality of roof runoff for groundwater infiltration. Water Research, 34:1455-1462.

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