Papers published in 2003

Below is a list of papers published in 2003 that are related in one way or another to pesticide fate modelling. Please note that this reference list is by no means comprehensive.

Adelsbach T. L. & Tjeerdema R. S. (2003). Chemistry and fate of fenvalerate and esfenvalerate. Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology, 176:137-154.

Ahlers J. & Martin, S. (2003). Risk assessment of chemicals in soil: Recent developments in the EU. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 3(4):240-241.

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Bending G. D., Lincoln S. D., Soerensen S. R., Morgan J. A. W., Aamand J. & Walker A. (2003). In-field spatial variability in the degradation of the phenyl-urea herbicide isoproturon is the result of interactions between degradative sphingomonas spp. and soil pH. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 69(2):827-834.

Ben-Hur M., Letey J., Farmer W. J., Williams C. F. & Nelson S. D. (2003). Soluble and solid organic matter effects on atrazine adsorption in cultivated soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 67(4):1140-1146.

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Close M. E., Pang L., Magesan G. N., Lee R. & Green S. R. (2003). Field study of pesticide leaching in an allophanic soil in new zealand. 2: Comparison of simulations from four leaching models. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 41(5):825-846.

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Cryer S. A. & Applequist G. E. (2003). Direct treatment of uncertainty: I - applications in aquatic invertebrate risk assessment and soil metabolism for chlorpyrifos. Environmental Engineering Science, 20(3):155-168.

Cryer S. A. & Applequist G. E. (2003). Direct treatment of uncertainty: II - applications in pesticide runoff, leaching and spray drift exposure modeling. Environmental Engineering Science, 20(3):169-182.

Dabrowski J. M. & Schulz R. (2003). Predicted and measured levels of azinphosmethyl in the lourens river, south africa: Comparison of runoff and spray drift. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 22(3):494-500.

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Farenhorst A., Florinsky I. V., Monreal C. M. & Muc D. (2003). Evaluating the use of digital terrain modelling for quantifying the spatial variability of 2,4-D sorption by soil within agricultural landscapes. Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 83(5):557-564.

Fernandes M. C., Cox L., Hermosin M. C. & Cornejo J. (2003). Adsorption-desorption of metalaxyl as affecting dissipation and leaching in soils: Role of mineral and organic components. Pest management science, 59(5):545-552.

Ferrari F., Trevisan M. & Capri E. (2003). Predicting and measuring environmental concentration of pesticides in air after soil application. Journal of Environmental Quality, 32:1623-1633.

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Haria A. H., Hodnett M. G. & Johnson A. C. (2003). Mechanisms of groundwater recharge and pesticide penetration to a chalk aquifer in southern england. Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam), 275(1-2):122-137.

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Kim J., Papiernik S. K., Farmer W. J., Gan J. & Yates S. R. (2003). Effect of formulation on the behavior of 1,3-dichloropropene in soil. Journal of environmental quality, 32(6):2223-2229.

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Lewis K.A., Brown C.D., Hart A. & Tzilivakis J. (2003). p-EMA (III): overview and application of a software system designed to assess the environmental risk of agricultural pesticides. Agronomie, 23:85-96.

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Lilburne L. R., Webb T. H. & Francis G. S. (2003). Relative effect of climate, soil, and management on risk of nitrate leaching under wheat production in canterbury, new zealand. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 41(4):699-709.

Lin C, Lerch R. N., Garrett H. E. & George M. F. (2003). Degradation of isoxaflutole (balance) herbicide by hypochlorite in tap water. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 51(27):8011-8014.

Margoum C., Gouy V., Laillet B. & Dramais G. (2003). Retention of pesticides by farm ditches. Revue des Sciences de l'Eau/Journal of Water Science, 16(4):389-405.

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Oliver D. P., Kookana R. S. & Salama R. B. (2003). Land use effects on sorption of pesticides and their metabolites in sandy soils. I. fenamiphos and two metabolites, fenamiphos sulfoxide and fenamiphos sulfone, and fenarimol and azinphos methyl. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 41(5):847-860.

Oliver D. P., Kookana R. S., Salama R. B. & Correll R. (2003). Land use effects on sorption of pesticides and their metabolites in sandy soils. II. atrazine and two metabolites, deethylatrazine and deisopropylatrazine, and prometryne. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 41(5):861-874.

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Zhou M., Li Y. C., Nkedi-Kizza P. & O'Hair S. K. (2003). Endosulfan losses through runoff and leaching from calcareous gravelly or marl soils. Vadose Zone Journal, 2(2):231-238.

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